Monday, December 12, 2011


So, apparently there is already a slang term for smoking e-cigarettes.  "Vaping."  Huh... Who'd have thought that our entire existence would become so digital that we send e-mails, read e-books (I have a terror of all the real books disappearing and being forced to read e-books.  I find it a particularly gross form of blasphemy), have e-dating, keep e-journals, and now there are e-cigarettes.  No smoke, no tar, no solids, no second hand stuff, just water vapor with nicotine and flavoring.  Yes, nicotine is still technically bad for us, but the carcinogens actually come from the burning leaves, not the chemical we crave.   Technically speaking, I quit smoking today.

Just like so much else, the electronic and technological world is taking over and making smoking obsolete.  Not that that is a bad thing, in all honestly.  I would rather not have cancer, but quitting is a real bitch.  If any of you have ever tried (and hopefully succeeded) then you know what I'm talking about.
 Meet Blu.  No, I am not getting paid for this.  I wish I was!  Blu cigs were recommended to me by a cousin whose college campus banned all forms of tobacco.  If I hadn't gotten a solid recommend from someone I know and trust, I never would've really considered e-cigs, but I trust Ivy with more than just product recommendations.  So B and I decided to order a couple of starter packs and see what happened.  B actually got a nicotine buzz off of his, so we might should've gotten lights instead of full strength.  They actually taste good.  Have you ever smelled pipe smoke?  They taste like that smell.  Granted, it isn't what you're used to, but it really was a pleasant surprise.  There's no stink either.  No messy ash trays, or butts to dump.  Yes, this is only the first day.  We still haven't gotten over the pleasant surprise of them being both satisfying and palatable.  There may possibly be drawbacks we haven't encountered yet.
We'll see how it goes.


  1. best wishes to you! My hubby was a long time smoker, it took several tries but he finally quit for good about 9 years ago. He succeeded cold turkey after trying patches and gum on not such successful tries.
    He did eat lots more sweets to compensate for not smoking, so if you need to do that too, you have plenty of holiday goodies to snack on!

  2. I did actually wean off the analogs (Marlboros) using the Blu... i started off smoking a regular cig aka analog and the next one i wanted i went for the Blu, then alternated until i was comfy enough with the Blu to make the switch totally. That was 37 days ago! Wow. now the trick will be to end all nicotine. my first no nic day will hopefully be this thursday. holler if you need any tips or tricks i've picked up along the way :) the taste really is good huh? i love the cherry flavored ones!

  3. Wow... if this works you might recommend to Katie and Samuel both.

    John smoked for years upon and finally quit. Like Rhonda's husband Jeff, he ended up going cold turkey. He could tell you all about it. All I ever had to break an addiction to was compulsive eating...

  4. I discovered today that Walgreens has the disposable Blu cigs. I bought one as a safety precaution incase my withdrawals get TOO bad *sigh* sad i know... but at least i know if it does get too bad it's there. i still have an unopened pack of Marlboros in the back of my wardrobe that were my safety net. now they're more of a reminder that i can do it :)

  5. Thanks y'all :-) we've actually only smoked two or three real cigarettes a piece today (first real day since they arrived after five yesterday). It's not the same, and we're still in the adjusting stage, but so far it's basically as good as the real thing. I think we use them a bit less, too, because they never go out. There's no compulsion to smoke a whole one so as not to waste it.


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