Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rude Emissions - Diapers and Covers maybe?

And again, it's been forever since I last blogged.  I really don't know where the time goes!

I've been busy while I've been gone, though maybe not busy enough to justify such a long absence.  
But what have I been doing?  Making baby stuff, naturally.  

These curtains were an entire day project.  Unfortunately, the fabric wasn't 60 in like I thought it was, so to make it wide enough I had to sew two widths together for each panel.  Originally, the idea was to have double layers, with the green on the outside to reflect some of the light/heat, and the black on the inside as an additional layer of light blocking for nap time.  But, that didn't quite work out, so I made checkerboard curtains instead, backed with white denim that I had leftover from a project for B that never quite got finished.  I really should finish that, since he asked for it over a year ago... I honestly have forgotten how much the fabric cost, but I do know it didn't come out to as much as buying black out curtains.  They aren't quite heavy enough to block out all light, but the green only lets through a kind of limey glow when the sun is shining directly through them.  :-)  B made the curtain rod for me. 

These are the flat folds and soaker pads I mentioned in my last post. But they wouldn't do me a lot of good without covers.  So... 

Obviously these are not going to be all the covers I'm going to make.  These are just the ones I have finished as of right now.  I priced them, and they sell for at least $5-6 a piece for just a single layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) with maybe some contrast color piping or something.  I think mine are way cooler.  I paid about $20 for the two yards of PUL, and so far I've not even used half of it.  The ACU digital was one of B's old uniform blouses.  The patches were more expensive than I would've liked, but B loves them and I admit they're damn cute.  Once the patches are factored in, each one cost a bit more to make than it would've to buy.  But they're definitely more awesome than the store bought ones, so I call it square.  Not all of them are going to have patches, so I'll still come out ahead.  

B wants me to start selling the diaper covers on Etsy or somewhere.  Nearly everywhere you look, all you can find are these annoyingly cutesy diaper covers with little baby patterns and pastel colors.  Some have bold primary colors, but they're still not remotely cool.  B thinks that people would buy them because they're not cutesy.  My only concern is the cost of the patches.  Unless I can find somewhere to buy cool patches in bulk for a discounted rate, they make the idea cost prohibitive.  A $2 charge for a patch is acceptable, but if you buy them singly, and have to pay an additional $3 for shipping, you're up to $5 just for the patch, not to mention notions, thread, PUL and cover fabric.  I don't know that people would be willing to pay $10-20 for just a cover when they can get an all-in-one diaper for that price.  

Oh, and I figured if I'm going to be sewing rude patches on baby butts, I might as well come up with a name for the shop that reflects that - hence Rude Emissions.  ;-)  I figured I could also sell receiving blankets, burp cloths, bibs, and other easy projects, just done in non-traditional prints and colors.  Bows and baby dinosaurs are ok, but I prefer something a little more fun.  I can't be the only one!

What do you folks think?  

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