Saturday, July 16, 2011

Watermelon Popsicles a la Magic Bullet

While I was at the commissary last week, there was a little old lady in the produce section.  She told me I'd be sorry if I didn't get a melon.  "They're that sweet!"  I haven't had watermelon since I was at Ms. Terri's for lunch earlier this summer, and that was the only watermelon I've had in years.  I couldn't resist.  It's been sitting in our fridge for several days, and I kept asking B if he wanted some.  B kept saying he wasn't in the mood, and apparently watermelon is a mood food for him.  I didn't want it to get over ripe and waste, so I sliced it up the other day.  
 It's so pretty!  And ohmygoodness sweet!  Best melon I've had in AGES!  That lady was right, and if I see her again when I go shopping next time, I'm gonna have to give her a kiss!  But, I can't eat it all by myself before it starts to get super grainy.  I've chopped it, and put some in the freezer.
I also used the handy dandy Magic Bullet (Thanks for the promo, Katie.  You're right, it is just about a do-it-all kitchen tool!)  It came with a juicer sieve, and so I plopped in my watermelon, and poured up some popsicles.  They probably should've had a bit a sugar added to be truly popsicle-ey, but I didn't want to load them up with sugar.  I haven't had one yet, but If they taste like the melon, they're gonna be AWESOME!

The popsicle forms were 2 for $3 at the dollar general, and I'm hoping they'll see a good bit of use.  If nothing else, when fruit starts to get a little past ripe, I can make a popsicle or two to help with our sweet teeth.  Ice cream and sodas have got to stop.

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