Tuesday, July 26, 2011

R & R?


We're both exhausted.  We slept 11.5 hours last night, feel like crap, and don't really want to do anything even though there's so much we have to do still.  We got on the road Wednesday, arrived in Atlanta Thursday, and it's been pretty much non-stop ever since. We were supposed to go to Benning today to handle some necessary paperwork, but we woke up after 1300, so the day was pretty much shot. We've only just finished coffee and breakfast.  Looks like that'll have to get delegated to Friday, because Wednesday and Thursday are already booked.

We were supposed to have a cookout so people we didn't have time to visit could come say hi and hang out, but I'm thinking that may have been overly ambitious. :-(  We're just wiped out, and still have a ton to do.  

We did get to see Mrs. Terri, Katie, B's sister and her kids, and my dad and sisters, so far.  I don't know how well adding pictures works with this mobile application I've got, but there's a picture of the absolutely wonderful housewarming presents I've received. The Borax tin is full of clothes pins, and the towels are flour sack.  Not in the picture (cause it's on my bedside table cause I've been reading in it every night) is a book called The Housewife's Handbook.  There's a vintage apron, too!  Mrs. Terri is psychic. I just know it. I don't think she could've found anything more perfect!  The butterfly in the needlework hoop and the bowl were gifts from B's sister. They were both done by their dad before he passed away. The bowl is hand lathed, and it's so beautiful. 

We also got to see Ms. Shirley and a bunch of people at her Sunday dinner. That was fun :-D.

We are going to need R&R from this R&R, though.  Whew....

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