Monday, September 12, 2011

What gives?

Where've I been??

Right here...  It's strange, really.  I feel busier now than I sometimes felt when I worked full time.  What's a typical day like for me?

B's alarm goes off at 0445, but we've made a deal that I don't get up with him first thing anymore.  It's better for both of our mental health.  He doesn't eat breakfast that early anyway, and the coffee pot has an automatic timer, so I can fix it the night before.

He wakes me up at 0700-ish, when he gets back from PT to shower.  That's when I make his breakfast and get my own coffee.  After that, it's dishes, then scoping.  He takes himself off to 0900 formation.  When he get's back (because usually he doesn't have a detail, which I find so odd), he plays video games or something, and I continue to type as long as I've got a job pending.  At the lunch bugles, I make his lunch, grab a snack, clean up the lunch things, and go back to whatever I was doing.  After 1400 or 1500 formation, I usually give up typing or hang up the housework and attempt sociability.

There's always something needing done.  If I'm not typing, or doing dishes and laundry, I'm trying to unpack some more, make more hoojies for the house, or I'm cooking.  I spend most of my time in the kitchen in some way or another, honestly.  By 2100, when they play the little warning bugle call for one hour till quiet hours, I'm beat, and I just want to crawl in the bed.  How's that work?

When I was working full time, my days were longer, but I had set "working" hours.  After that, I crammed in whatever housework I felt like, and the day was done.  I felt like I'd put in my fair share.  Now, I feel like there's always something I should be doing, even if there's really not much I can currently do not having a lot of shelving, yet.  (But, we've got plenty of beer bottles, thanks to the kids :-P  so more shelves are on the way.)

I've got a few things to post that we've been up to lately, but even though we've both been busy, we haven't really completed a whole lot.  Everything seems to be stuck at 'work in progress'.

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