Sunday, June 19, 2011

Drum-roll please...

Cue drum roll, fanfare
Enter stage left

Today technically marks the first day of my initiation into The Bon Bon Club.  I went to my last shift at work at 2300 Friday night and got off at 0700 Saturday morning.  So, while Friday was officially my last day, it sort of lollygagged into Saturday as well.   Yesterday was a very, very long day.

When I got off work at 0700, the initial plan was to drive two hours over to see my sister-in-law.  On the way, I got a text from Alan asking if I was still in town and wanted to go with him for birthday breakfast.  It had crossed my mind to send him a text or call to see if I could come by and at least give him a birthday hug, but I knew he was off work and wasn't sure he'd be up so early in the morning.  I'm glad he texted :-)  We went to IHOP, and I bought us breakfast, then we hung out and visited for a bit before I headed on over to see my sister-in-law.

I left her with a lot more than I showed up with, and she kept piling more stuff in the "to-go" pile.  I tried to remind her that I was bringing B back to Georgia with me when I came to move my stuff, but she wanted him to have it as soon as he gets here.

Speaking of B, I got wonderful news.  He should actually be home sooner that anticipated.  He "drew the short straw", since apparently someone(s) on this earlier flight are people that most of the other folks in his brigade would rather not deal with, even if it means coming home sooner.  He got voluntold, and I told him to suck it up, because it just means he comes home early.  He agreed.  :-)  EXCITED!!!

*Snoopy dances all around the house*
*Snoopy dances around one more time*

But, with his earlier arrival also means shortened deadlines for getting some stuff done.  Like packing, and truck maintenance, a short shopping list of requested items, etc.  Instead of looking at potentially weeks, I'm looking more at potentially days to get it all done.   Not complaining!  Just feeling the performance pressure.  It's like thinking you've got 20 minutes to jog the mile, then finding out you've got 13 to run it.

I am so friggin happy I could pop!  *POP*
*wipes at her screen*

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