Monday, June 6, 2011

Style Challenge - A sampling *Image Intensive*


  1. Looking at these, I'd have thought you'd like the intense ocean blues and greys, and sandy beige and white....

  2. Beige is a kind of universal non-color. So is white. It's neutral and everywhere. I don't see the ocean in the blues at the top, or in the beiges and whites. I see rocks, and sky, and snow.

    When I refer to "colors" in the previous post, I'm talking about those colors beyond the safety net of neutrals. You don't see as many really bold, bright, intense colors in the mountains as you do in the tropics. There are some, but not with the same obnoxious intensity as more tropically associated colors and flowers. If that makes sense.

    It's partially proportions, partially association, if that makes sense.

  3. Oh... I've found it.

    Colors of visible happy!

  4. Your mountains are different from mine. But I live at over 6400 feet above sea-level. And yes, I understand the tropical heat of the colors there, so strong and overwhelming you can almost smell the flowers just by looking at a color.

    I think the pictures above just make me think of natural things, and as the beach is (seemingly) a million miles away from my rocky mountain skies, I just automatically thought of that, instead of my own backyard. Perhaps I've lived here too long (over 20 years this time) to appreciate what I have.

  5. I will definitely grant the Appalachians are different from the Rockies. B and I went to Estes Park for our honeymoon. That was the first time I'd seen anything other than pictures. I thought I loved my tired old hills. Driving through those twisty, rocky passages at dusk was like -- well, it was as close as I can imagine to passing through the veil into the Summerland. It was January, and it was heaven! We hiked a little while we were there, and the views! Oh my gods! I told B I could die, right that very moment, and die happier than I'd ever been in my life. And The grounds of the Stanley would have one more ghost. No wonder they have so many!


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