Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggity jog

Well we made it back to Texas. The final weight on our truck and the trailer was over 10,000 lbs. We had to drive between 45 and 50 miles per hour across 1/3 of the country. We left Monday night and finally made it into our parking space Wednesday night around 2230. I haven't got a damn thing done hardly on unpacking, though, because B's been sick and we've both been pretty much wiped out and worthless.

I got the table put together, the stereo set up, and discovered that I left my foot pedal for my computer (very important for my work) back in Georgia. My step-mom is shipping it to me today, so hopefully it'll get here soon.

I did make a run to the Goodwill where I scored a ton of fabric for cheap. Two shower curtain sized pieces for $4 and $5, and an absolutely enormous length of sheer material for $6.  I've turned the shower curtain sized buts into 4 panels and will cut the sheers soon. 

I had to leave my vacuum behind because there just wasn't room, but our neighbors left us theirs when they left.   Wouldn't you know its exactly the same one I had? They also left a charcoal grill, a ton of hangers and all their trash cans, so I'm feeling like christmas came twice already this year between. B coming home and the amazing amount of good fortune we've had acquiring furniture and household goods. I hate to see them leave, because they're really nice people, but I'm grateful for all they've given us as they left. 


  1. Hi Sweetie! Waving from way over here to you way over there. John said to tell you he had no idea you had so much 'stuff' only he used the "C" word, lol...And you're inspiring him to go through his 100 t-shirts and get rid of some of them. You just never know where your influence will be felt when you're blogging...Love You!

  2. I really didn't realizing had so much stuff, either. Only I called it the other "S" word while we were loading and unloading it. Most of the boxes are actually books. I find it very hard to part with books, because I have actually read nearly every one of them and love them all. I've read some so many times the covers are in tatters, but I know I need to let some of them go. They weigh a ton! As I go through boxes, I'm making a toss pile that I plan to eliminate by a dollar sale.

  3. Silly phone. (Or maybe it's operator error) I've got the living room halfway decent. It's still barely passable, but it's better than it was. I'll try to get pictures up once I make some actual progress! Lol!

    We love you guys, too. Big hugs from way over here! <3


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