Monday, August 29, 2011

B needs a medal -- or at least a ribbon

We finally got my behemoth of a bed put together.  B did most of it by himself.  I helped when he needed it, but for the most part I was just hovering, so I went to sew curtains.  The curtains are done, I just haven't had a chance to hang them, because B isn't happy with the hardware, yet.

He got new toys to play with.

 A table saw.
And a belt sander/disc sander combo station.

Normally, I would be rather disturbed by the expenditure, because I would envision the new expensive goodies just sitting around collecting dust and never being used for anything purposeful.  But B likes working with wood, and has already used these new toys to make an entertainment center, the hardware to hang my curtains, and to make modifications to my bed.

Speaking of...

Tada!  It takes up most of the floor space in the room, but I love this bed.  My step-mom made it for me as a combination graduation/christmas present several years ago.  It's beautiful, and she worked really hard on it.  There used to be a frame canopy, and the posts were about 6 inches taller, but we got rid of that.  It would've been impossible to put together for just the two of us if we kept the canopy.

The quilt in the picture is one my Gramma made years and years ago.  Some of the fabric is so old it is literally disintegrating.  I've got to figure out a way to patch it, without tearing the whole thing apart.  Maybe Katie can help me with that when she comes to visit.  I have Gramma's old quilting frame, too.  One day I'd like to get back into quilting, but that'll have to wait till after I actually finish unpacking and getting things situated.

When I had the canopy on it, there were drapes around the bed.
I know it's hard to see in this picture, but honestly the room was so small, and the bed was so big, that I couldn't get a full view.  You can see the brown sheers hanging to the right side, though.

There were four sheer panels and two gold window scarves.  The window scarves are getting cut in half lengthwise, to give me four window scarves.  Two of the sheer panels are getting cut in half, and two are being left whole.  I have a lot of heavy wool fabric that I picked up at a closeout fabric shop several years ago.  It was $1/yd, so I got a whole lot of it figuring I'd find something to do with it.  The wool is going to become blackout/insulation shades.  It'll look a lot nicer than tin foil or styrofoam, and work similarly since wool is such a good insulator.  The sheers and window scarves were picked up at the dollar store.  So, the curtains for my bedroom and the guest bedroom aren't going to cost anything additional.  :-)

I'll post pictures of that when I get them hung.


  1. ooh, he has nice toys. lol. my uncle just got a brand new kobalt miter saw that i would just die to get my hands on. lol. but then again you might be surprised what i can do with just a skilsaw, an orbital sander, and a chisel. :)

  2. You continually surprise me with with what you can do with the strangest, seemingly useless stuff LOL. Maybe you need to come show B what can be done with a skill saw, a chisel and an orbital sander. Then maybe he wouldn't want such expensive toys? I doubt it, though. He'd want the toys anyways ;-)


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