Sunday, August 21, 2011

Playing catch up.

Well, we finally got internet up and running in the apartment, so I don't have to try to keep everyone updated through my phone.  This is good, since my phone has been having some serious issues lately.  The poor thing is just plain tired, I think.  It's been under a lot of stress for the past year with B being deployed and the move and all.  I've been saving pictures to post.  Apparently the blogging application on my phone will allow me to upload pictures, but it won't automatically resize them.  So that means when they show up here, they're all monstrously huge.

So here we go.  I'm about to start playing catch up for some of the things you've missed while my phone was out of order and we didn't have internet.

Today's most recent project are shelves.  I need them desperately in order to make unpacking progress.  I was surfing the web on my phone looking for ideas, and came across a couple that I really like that also look to be relatively inexpensive.

The college kid's staple:  Cinder blocks and plywood!!  Ugly, you're thinking.  Not so!  Says I.

 The shelves above are actually made with cinder blocks, and rather than plywood, they used pine.  They built wood covers to go around the cinder blocks (like a U shape) that they could stain and polish the same as the shelves.  I wasn't thinking about doing all that, because that just means buying more wood.  But painting the cinder blocks.... that would be a quick easy option.  A can of spray paint is only a couple of bucks, cinder blocks are only about $1.50 each, and a sheet of plywood is relatively inexpensive, too.  For I'm guessing around $30, you can have something a lot more solid than $50-$100 will buy you at Target or Wal-mart.

Then I saw these, and B and the Pup both decided these were pretty friggin awesome.
Yup, beer/wine/liquor bottle shelves.  Since the Pup was already working on a 12 pack of Land Shark, we decided to recruit him to drink the whole thing, and save us the bottles :-P  He proceeded to tell us how we were contributing to the premature decline of his liver, but he was going to drink the beer anyway, lol.

B is working on the beer shelves as I type this.  Once he get's them done, I'll put up pictures.

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