Sunday, August 21, 2011


After I finished with the pot pies, there was just a little bit of dough left over.  I hate wasting stuff.  I'll save anything.  So... what do I do with a little lump of pastry dough?

I could only think of one thing that would not require a lot of dough, tastes awesome, and wouldn't be needed or wanted in super large quantities.  Sopapillas!!

In case you aren't familiar with them (because the Pup had never had them before, so there must be more people out there who haven't), sopapillas are available at most Mexican restaurants.  They're usually made of flour tortillas fried in a lightly buttered pan until crispy, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, then drizzled with butter and honey.  I didn't have honey, but pancake syrup tastes almost as good.  They're very light and flaky, not heavy in the slightest.  As far as deserts go, they're one of the least guilty I can think of.

The ones you get at the restaurants are usually tortilla sized, but I made these silver dollar sized for ease of eating.  If you ever have tried to cut a crispy tortilla with a fork, they sometimes like to go flying off the plate.  These were basically bite sized.  The one browning in the skillet above was one of the larger ones.  I made three about the diameter of my hand, and the rest were small.

There's really not nearly as much sugar on there as there appears to be.  Since I was layering them in the plate, instead of sprinkling both sides, I let the top layer pick up some sugar and cinnamon from the pastries beneath.  

Drizzle with melted butter and honey, or in this case pancake syrup, and YUM!!

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