Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Road to Hell...

It's paved with good intentions, or so I've heard.  I must be over halfway there after the last couple days.

I sat down at my computer and created a spreadsheet to represent a pay period, then sifted through my recipes, and searched recipes online for stuff to try, tried and trues, and some random experiments.  I plugged in the titles on their respective dates, complete with sides and trimmings, compiled a shopping list, printed out recipes, and created a do-dad to hang on my wall to help keep me on track.

We'll see how long this lasts.  Who knows, I might stick with it!  I know, I know!  I've already deviated by not sticking with my plan, but hey!  I'm actually sticking to the recipes on the list!  That's something, right?  Right!?

I sewed three pieces of card stock together with embroidery thread to make two staggered pockets to hang on the wall.  The top pocket had recipes to come, the bottom pocket has my menu schedule and recipes I've tried.  At the bottom of the recipes we've never had before, I write whether or not they're B approved.  So far I'm using it, although it won't necessarily be in the exact order I planned it on the schedule.  I wasn't able to get everything I needed from Sam's, so I'll need to make a trip to either the store between now and next pay day.  I spent roughly an entire month's grocery budget in the single trip, BUT I was able to get large quantities of dry staples that I won't have to replace again for more than a month.  And the savings on said bulk dry goods was enough to make it worthwhile.

For example, these two ENORMOUS bags of pasta.  The egg noodles are 5 lbs for $6.40, and the veggie noodles are 6 lbs. for $5.40.  1 lb of Muellers egg noodles is $3.50, so for all intents and purposes, I've saved 50%.  *grins*  And I'll be using these bags of pasta for a *while*.
Those are my toes.  I wear a size 8.5, so I don 't have little bitty midget feet.  Now, I need a bucket LOL.


  1. we have recently started doing a lot of our shopping at Sams, their prices are good. What saves me most is their produce, most of it is much cheaper than I can get elsewhere. I also think it is higher quality and it stays fresh much longer. The closest Sams is almost an hour away but I still think it saves us enough to pay for the trip.

    and yes, I do remember those lines at the commissary on paydays. Are paydays still the 15th and 30th?

  2. Yep, same days. And it's not just the commissary, it's every grocery seller in the area. Sam's is 20 miles away, and it was only slightly less crowded.


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