Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sick Call Omelet

Sick Call Ranger:  Someone who abuses sick call in order to get out of PT, details, etc. 

Guaranteed to send you to sick call, or wish you'd gone LOL!  Pup says this recipe is "eat at your own risk".
It's kind of like the Skiving Snackboxes the Weasely twins concoct, only minus the magic.   

Pup says I make excellent omelets, which begs the question "how does one make a bad omelet?"  It's just eggs, and whatever you like with your eggs.  The whole folding thing/cooking through without over cooking is easy to side step if you use the broiler like you would for a frittata.  

To give you an idea of how much he likes my omelets, he ate nearly 5 dozen eggs in a single week.  I sent him to Wal-Mart for another case.  He sheepishly, but happily, obliged. 

I wish I could show you a picture, but they disappear before anyone can get a camera or cell phone out and snap a picture. 

The Sick Call originated when Pup asked for an omelet for breakfast.  B had left for a few (I think to get a haircut), and Pup and I were in the kitchen foodstorming.  Between the two of us, this is the monster we created.  Pup swears we should open a restaurant, and a variation of this (dubbed the Sick Call Ranger) would be a challenge item on the menu.  Eat the whole thing, and you get your picture taken, a t-shirt, and a place on a wall of shame/fame lol.  

6 eggs - beaten
1 green onion - chopped
two slices of lunch meat
3 slices of cheese
approx 1/2 cup dip (cheese, salsa, sausage)
approx 1/2 cup shredded cheese
crushed sour cream and cheddar chips
cooking oil, butter, or shortening

Coat the bottom of your chosen skillet (preferably about an 8 inch skillet) with the cooking goop of your choice.  Allow the skillet to heat on med-high heat while you beat the eggs and get everything out of the fridge.  Salt and pepper your eggs.

Dump the eggs in, and let them slowly cook (but don't scrunch them or anything, just dump them in and leave them alone). 

Turn on your broiler and let it be warming up. 

Scatter your green onions into the eggs. 

Tear up the lunch meat and sliced cheese, and distribute it evenly.

Layer with pepperoni  

When the edge of the eggs can be lifted and the underside is slightly browned, turn off the eye and put the skillet under the broiler.  

When the top of the eggs have set, pull it out, slop your cheesy salsa goodness on one side, and scatter the shredded cheese over the whole thing.  

Put it back under the broiler until your cheese is good and melted. 

Top with crushed chips, fold in half, and prepare to be miserable.  

I normally split this between at least two people, but Pup has been known to eat one by himself.


Speak of the devil.  I sent Pup a text this morning asking if he happened to have a picture of a Sick Call Omelet.  He didn't, but about 5 minutes later, he was on my doorstep looking as hopeful as a puppy under the table LOL.  I got pictures before it disappeared this time.

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