Friday, October 28, 2011

Leftover Love - Reinventing Chicken Legs

I had four chicken legs leftover from the other nights dinner.  I had lots of roasted tomatoes left, too.

What else is in here?  I've got some carrots in the veggie drawer that have been there a while.  They're only just starting to get a little wiggly.  I've got some fresh asparagus that probably needs to get used for something before long, otherwise it won't be quite so fresh anymore.  I've got half a bag of pasta floating around.  Some frozen lima beans.  The nearly ever present bell peppers that I throw in almost everything for flavor and vegetable content, and good lord have I got cheese.  That's something that I've decided is more necessary in this house than just about anything else, cheese is.  It goes on and in everything.  Pup eats his weight in cheese, and B isn't far behind him.

I used shredded cheese, sour cream, parmesan  cheese, and some heavy whipping cream.  I pulled the meat off the chicken legs, then I boiled all the vegetables in a pot of salted water.  The carrots and bell peppers went in first, simmering until the carrots were crisp tender, then the lima beans and asparagus went in.  I only boiled them for about a minute so as not to cook the asparagus to mush.  I strained them out, but kept the water.  I cooked the noodles in the same water, to imbue some of the veggies' flavor to the noodles.  While that was going on, I cooked a couple slices of bacon to crumble up into bacon bits.  With a bit of bacon grease, I sauteed some minced garlic, added the veggies and chicken.  Once that was all warmed, I tossed in the cheeses and creams.  I reheated the roasted tomatoes in the oven, and just served them along side the pasta dish.

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